I work with individuals, small businesses, and independent educators to create communication strategies and solutions that will help them thrive. That means everything from preparing for an important interview to developing an online presence.

I work with…


Are you an author, an artist, a mover, or a different kind of solopreneur? I can help you with things like marketing plans, websites (ones that you can manage yourself), social media (if you need it — you might not!), and strategies for communicating your business or project to potential clients. Let’s talk about what you need.

Small Businesses, Organizations, & medical Practices

I can help you develop solutions for you to engage with customers and employees for whatever industry you’re in. Whether you need an easy-to-manage website or HIPAA-compliant internal communication systems & social media accounts, I’m here to help. Tell me what you’re looking for.


I specialize in working with home schoolers and independent educators to create transcripts and school profiles that are tailored to a completely unique education and educational philosophy. I also work with undergraduate and graduate students to develop talking points and communication strategies for grant, fellowship, and scholarship applications at places like UNC Chapel-Hill and Clemson University. Let’s talk about how I can help you pursue education.


Don’t see yourself described above, but think I could help you with something? I’d love to have a conversation.